Pashtun Council Canada protests against Pakistani state-sponsored terrorism

Updated:6 months ago IST

Toronto (Canada), June 08 (ANI): A brutal and callous act by the Pakistan Army…This amateur video shot at an undisclosed location in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reveals the atrocities being committed against the Pashtuns by Pakistan’s security forces. It is an evidence of extrajudicial killings and torture of innocent Pashtuns. Now, Pashtun community the world over is exposing Pakistan Army’s brutal face. Pashtun Council Canada held a protest recently in Toronto city against Pakistani security agencies and the state-sponsored Taliban responsible for attacks on innocent Pashtuns. The protesters staged demonstrations to show their solidarity with the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement or PTM activists. Several PTM activists were allegedly killed as Pakistani security forces attacked a peaceful rally in South Waziristan earlier this week. The protesters demanded an investigation into the attack and demanded the international community to intervene. The Pashtuns are getting support of members Baloch, Sindhi and other communities are they have also being facing atrocities by state and non-state actors in Pakistan. Pashtuns have long blamed that they have been targets of military operations, internal displacement, ethnic stereotyping and abductions by the Pakistani security forces. They accuse that Pakistan army functions along with militant groups in the region and indiscriminately uses force against innocent Pashtuns.

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