People in Birgunj celebrates Magh Festival

Updated:1 month ago IST

Birgunj (Nepal), Jan 15 (ANI): Tharu community in Birgunj on Tuesday celebrated Magh festival or Khichdi Festival with great joy and enthusiasm on the occasion of their 2643rd New Year. People of Tharu community from India and Nepal celebrated the festival by organising an event in the compound of the swimming pool in Birgunj. The Magh festival is also celebrated in the Terai region by the Tharu community. It is a week-long festival celebrated by getting together with family and friends, attending community get together or fairs, dressing up in traditional Tharu wear, eating, drinking and making merry. Sakhiya dance and music have also added to the festive fervour in the community. The Tharu community people performed various Tharu songs and traditional dances as Jhumra, Lathi, Jhamta, Jhara, Jhijhiya and other rare Tharu dances.

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