Police, Paramilitary Rangers arrest dozens of MQM workers in Karachi to crush Martyrs Day

Updated:1 month, 1 week ago IST

Karachi (Pakistan), Dec 09 (ANI): Police, Paramilitary Rangers and other security forces arrested dozens of MQM workers including women in Karachi to crush Martyrs Day called by MQM today. It’s learned that MQM observes “Martyrs Day“ on December 09 every year, MQM workers and supporters go to the monument of martyrs situated in Jinnah ground Azizabad, Karachi, for offering fateha and pay tribute to their martyrs who lost their lives during state operations. Thousands of people who gathered this morning in Azizabad but Police and Rangers blockaded all areas leading to the monument, forcefully shutdown business, and hundreds of illegal arrests are taking place at the time of writing this notice. People were not spared by the Police and Paramilitary Rangers tear -gassed them, brutally tortured them, and indiscriminately abducted hundreds of peaceful men, women and children who were shifted to unknown locations. MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain strongly condemns the large scale arrests of citizens by Police and Paramilitary Rangers and called it a naked terrorism by the state.

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