The real villain behind the trade ban along India- Pak border

Updated:1 year ago IST

Muzaffarabad (PoK), Nov 13 (ANI): Traders, bearing the brunt of the unwarranted and insensitive decisions of Islamabad, took to the streets of Muzaffarabad to protest against ban imposed on Indo-Pakistan cross-border trade. Disgruntled traders carried out ‘Aman rally’ in Muzaffarabad demanding immediate restoration of trade ties between the two countries.The repeated and prolonged closure of trade along the border throws life of commoners into shambles, especially of those whose are employed by trade only. The region has a nominal administration in place and is run by puppets operating at the commands of masters sitting in Islamabad. Pakistani establishment has no sense of empathy for the people of PoK and deliberately keep the situation of the region simmering along the border, as part of their broader design of subverting the system in India. it has been trading only boggies of terrorism backed by Inter- services Intelligence (ISI) through this route. Islamabad which has ridiculed the framework of democracy in the region and has suppressed the dissent with an iron hand is not only guilty of people’s sufferings but instability along the border.

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