Rinnai celebrates three decades of its presence in Indonesia

Updated:5 months, 1 week ago IST

Jakarta (Indonesia), Aug 16 (ANI): Indonesia is one of the most populous nations in the world with high economic growth driven by improvement of life quality. Rinnai Indonesia is one of the companies that have been contributing to this improvement since its establishment in 1988. Rinnai Indonesia celebrated its 30th anniversary in Jakarta. Local partners and dealers of Rinnai Indonesia attended and celebrated the huge success based on efforts to improve production technology and making gas appliances acceptable by Indonesian customers. Rinnai Indonesia has been supporting the lively hood of Indonesians for long time and local sales staff have larger expectations. At Rinnai Indonesia’s showroom in West Jakarta, a variety of its products such as gas stoves, which has share of about 60% of Indonesia’s domestic market, are lined up. Not only high-quality products but also enhancement of after-sales service is the reason why making Rinnai Indonesia leader in the market. In recent years, due to economic growth improvements in people's living level can be seen. It is also reasonable to expect that consumer's minds are changing year by year. Demand for higher quality products such as built-in stoves and range hoods have been increasing. Demand for products is changing while people’s lifestyle changes and Japanese companies are contributing to providing the best products.

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