Rohingya fighters killed Hindus in Myanmar: Amnesty International

Updated:8 months ago IST

New Delhi, May 23 (ANI): Amnesty International has said that it has evidence that Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) killed around 99 Hindu civilians in August 2017. Masked ARSA fighters killed scores of Hindus near a remote village named Kha Maung Seik, after launching the coordinated attacks on 30 security posts and an army base in northern Rakhine state in the early hours of August 25, claimed Amnesty International on Tuesday. Amnesty International came up with witnesses' statements, including eight Hindu women, who alleged they were abducted by the ARSA fighters and forcefully converted to Islam. As per Dhaka Tribune, Amnesty International also said it had documented killing of six Hindus by these insurgents from Rohingya Muslim armed group near the town of Maungdaw on August 26. ARSA leader, Ata Ullah, earlier said it is fighting for the rights of the Rohingyas. Rohingyas are a Muslim minority ethnic group in Myanmar, who have been regarded by many majority Buddhists as illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

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