Shimizu constructs Zero Energy Building in Kanazawa

Updated:4 months, 2 weeks ago

Kanazawa (Japan), Jan 08 (ANI): Shimizu Corporation has built a Zero Energy Building (ZEB) in Japan’s Kanazawa with an aim to protect environment. It is the region’s first such building constructed with energy-saving and power generation technology. The solar power electric generation system in this office produces more electricity than consumption. Solar power generation, radiant air conditioning, use of geothermal heat that utilizes a unique characteristic of the region, and natural airflow and lighting makes this building energy-efficient. Hydro Q-BiC, a hydrogen energy utilization system has also been used in the building. The office building has been designed by having a ceiling with traditional Japanese building design. The Zero Energy Building of Shimizu Corporation, which focuses on environment and design of traditional Japanese building, has caught worldwide attention.

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