Shimizu Corporation contributes to clean up environment in Vietnam

Updated:5 months, 1 week ago IST

Hanoi (Vietnam), Sep 13 (ANI): In Vietnam, there is still considerable amount of soil contaminated by the dioxin-containing defoliants sprayed by the U.S. Army during Vietnam War. There are 28 highly contaminated areas in Vietnam, including Da Nang, Bien Hoa, Phu Cat Air Bases that were former U.S. army bases. Japan’s Shimizu Corporation announced start of verification testing project of field trial jointly with Vietnamese Government for full-scale soil washing for remediation of dioxin-contaminated soils. Soil washing is low-cost soil remediation technology that has low environmental impact. Shimizu’s soil washing is expected to remove more than 90 percent of dioxin contaminants from soils and to restore close to 70 percent of the contaminated soil to a reusable condition. During verification testing, contaminated soil collected from around the air base will be run through its soil washing plant, with the goal of removing 95% of dioxin contaminants. Shimizu Corporation and the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense have concluded an MOU concerning the verification testing project. Appreciation of Shimizu Corporation work is spread out to many fields. This time, National television broadcaster of Vietnam, “VTV” welcomed Shimizu Corporation as a special guest for program. There are total 4 cameras from VTV covering this event, and passion for the success of this project is shared by national people. Tremendous efforts of Japanese technology will dramatically contribute to creating brighter future and solving historical issues.

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