Shimizu Corporation introduces robots for construction

Updated:1 month, 3 weeks ago IST

Osaka (Japan), Dec 27 (ANI): Multiple innovative construction robots developed by Shimizu Corporation have been operating at a construction site of high-rise hotel in Shin-Osaka. The crane called “Exter” incorporates function that enables the boom to extend and retract horizontally unlike existing tower cranes that have knuckle-type bendable boom. This robot called “Robo-Welder” automatically performs all welding without worker intervention. The robot recognizes the channel shape of the spot to be welded by laser measurement. “Robo-Carrier” is automatic conveyor system that transports the material delivered to the job site and recognizes its own position via laser sensor and referencing BIM information, and automatically transports material to designated work site. When it encounters obstacle, it performs repeat search and corrects course. This multipurpose two-armed robot, “Robo-Buddy”, performs the work move freely along six axes and can pick up materials weighing up to 30 kg. It operates on an elevating pedestal on top of an automatic guided vehicle. After it recognizes the location to perform work via imaging sensors and laser sensor, it uses its two robotic arms to insert ceiling suspension bolt, assemble the base material, and install ceiling board, screw it into place, and install OA floor pedestal and paneling. Shimizu Corporation’s effort to solve labor shortage in construction sites by utilization latest robot technology is certainly paving the way to new era and there is no denial that co-working robot may hold the future of working place.

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