Shimizu introduces Tradition of construction

Updated:6 months, 3 weeks ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), Nov 01 (ANI): This is Yoyogi National Gymnasium. It was constructed in 1964 for Tokyo Olympics by Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation. Recently, "Shimizu Corporation" held a public lecture "Shimizu Open Academy" with the theme of “Yoyogi National Gymnasium Construction History”. A documentary video that recorded the history of "Yoyogi National Gymnasium" construction over 13 months was screened for audience. This gymnasium is still one of the most symbolic buildings for both the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and Shimizu Corporation. After the screening, "Mamoru Kawaguchi" who designed the gymnasium, spoke about the building technology, methods for supporting roofs and motif of traditional Japanese roofs. The architecture of the “Yoyogi National Gymnasium” has an important meaning for “Shimizu Corporation”. Shimizu Corporation’s Yoyogi Gymnasium is one of the most famous architectural masterpieces after the war period. And many people can learn about great history of Japanese architecture from it.

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