Sindhi activists hold protest against construction of dams

Updated:1 month, 2 weeks ago IST

Sindh (Pakistan), Dec 03 (ANI): Sindh National Voice (SNV) activists took out a cultural protest rally in Nawabshah in the Sindh province. The group condemned the construction of dams across the Indus River and demanded the release of all the enforcedly disappeared Sindhi political activists. The spokesperson of the SNV said that Sindh has the rightful claim on over 75% waters of the Indus River which was agreed upon by Sindh and Punjab under British rule in the Water Accord of 1945, also known as the 1945 Water Agreement. He said “Punjab has been constructing dams and canals on Indus against the will and interests of Sindh. It has violated all water treaties between the two nations and has stolen the share of Sindh for more than seven decades.” He also demanded the safe release of all missing Sindhi political activists, students, and intellectuals, who enforcedly disappeared by Pakistani security agencies. “We appeal the international community, UNO, and international human rights bodies to stop Pakistan from persecuting Sindhi political activists, committing grave atrocities, human rights violations against Sindhi people,” he added.

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