Tokyo Metropolitan Government ensures safe drinking tap water

Updated:9 months, 4 weeks ago IST

Tokyo (Japan), Feb 15 (ANI): Tokyo Water" is made by "Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government". The quality of tap water in Tokyo is great and you can drink it just like drinking bottled water. "Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo" is in charge of supplying tap water in Tokyo. It has achieved a very low water leakage percentage from the pipes into the ground. The percentage stands now at 3.2% which is a very low rate comparing with the leakage rate in the same scale cities around the world. The Tokyo Waterworks Bureau has a training and development center, where you can learn about the high technology of water supply that Tokyo has. It has been holding technical support for Asian countries since 1965. The trainees involved in the water supply management from Myanmar are currently learning about the technical support of water supply. By having Tokyo's most advanced technology experienced through practical training facilities, trainees can make use of the knowledge and technology related to the improvement of water management. This project has been coordinated with JICA and concerned embassies and now accepts more than 300 trainees from overseas countries. An electronic leak detector is used to identify differences in leakage sounds due to the piping material, identify areas of leaks, and listen to differences in the way leaks sound and the various sound levels due to different types of paving. The international waterworks support by "Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo" helps to deliver high-quality water to the people of the world.

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