Tourists throng to see “Sakura”, the cherry blossoms of Japan

Updated:1 month ago IST

Tokyo / Aichi, Japan (ANI), May 16 (ANI): The symbol of Japanese spring is “Sakura” Cherry blossom season. Many Japanese and foreign tourists are looking forward to seeing the cherry blossom in full bloom, taking a walk through the cherry tree-lined street, watching the cherry blossom from the boat, and having a picnic under the cherry trees. These cherry blossoms are named "Someiyoshino". Every year, the best time to witness Someiyoshino begins from the end of March. The flowering of cherry blossom lasts till the month of May. Once “Someiyoshino” is over, people flock to other beautiful places to enjoy late blooms elsewhere in the country. During winters, the "Chausu-kougen" mountain located in Aichi Prefecture becomes a skiing haven amidst the snow-clad mountains. There are special arrangements for visitors to use the lift to reach the mountain top. The "Shiba Zakura" blooms look like a carpet of flowers and form a bed on the ground. It is often described as grass-cherry blossoms because it blooms like grass and the shape of the flower resembles a "Sakura" flower. It is planted on the slope of the mountains. This place is named "Shiba Zakura no oka", which means ’the hill of Shiba cherry blossom’. The promenade and viewing spots are set up in the park for the tourists to enjoy the the serene beauty of “Shiba Zakura”. There are seven kinds of flowers of “Shiba Zakura”, and they are usually in full bloom during the two weeks of May. The flowers in full bloom create a surreal sight for the tourists as they create various colour gradients in the shades of pink, white, and purple. "Shiba Zakura" grass-cherry-blossom of Chausu-kogen can be seen throughout May and till the beginning of June. As the season changes from spring to summer, tourists enjoy witnessing the pink carpet turning into a deep green colour on the mountains.

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