Vivid colors of autumn season in Japan's Yokohama city

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago IST

Yokohama (Japan), Dec 15 (ANI): Its autumn season in Japan and leaves of trees reflects vivid colors of nature. "Sankeien Garden" is a traditional Japanese garden located in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The autumn leaves are now in full color. The garden is extremely spacious and contains several traditional Japanese houses, old architecture, historically high-value buildings, along with natural trees and waterside. Tourists can see the seasonal Japanese landscape there. In autumn, the leaves of trees such as Maple and Ginkgo are colored red or yellow, and one can enjoy the traditional Japanese autumn landscape. It is a very popular place to enjoy the autumn scenery. The garden has popular shooting spots including the historic Japanese houses and promenades along the little valleys. A lot of photographers visit the place to take pictures of traditional Japanese houses with autumn leaves, and beautiful autumn leaves scattered under the sunlight coming through the trees along the promenade. The autumn season lasts for about a month. After that SANKEIEN GARDEN gradually changes to the winter scenery. Yokohama City has an Instagram account with the name "Find your YOKOHAMA", where photos of "SANKEIEN GARDEN" are posted.

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