Xi Jinping welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump with red carpet

Updated:1 year, 2 months ago IST

Beijing (China), Nov 09 (ANI): Chinese President Xi Jinping rolled out a red carpet welcome for the U.S. President Donald Trump in Beijing on Thursday. China has been keen to show the importance it places on Trump's visit, the first by a foreign leader since the end of a key Communist Party Congress last month where Xi cemented his power. The welcoming ceremony outside Beijing's Great Hall of the People was broadcast live on state television- unprecedented treatment for a visiting leader. North Korea and trade will likely top the agenda when Trump and Xi will sit down for formal talks on Thursday, a day after Trump warned Pyongyang of the grave danger of developing nuclear weapons. While roughly $250 billion in deals with U.S. companies are expected to be announced during the visit. Trump will wrap up his China trip on Friday and head to Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, before ending his Asia tour with a final stop at the Philippines for the ASEAN Summit.

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