Yamaha launches electric bikes to protect environment

Updated:6 months ago IST

Aichi (Japan), Jun 21 (ANI): Electric bikes are replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles at a rapid base even in sports fields as technical innovation keeps improving. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd developed the TY-E electric trial bike—taking advantage of unique features of electrical power for Motorcycle trials. Here features of TY-E are demonstrated by well known rider Kenichi Kuroyama in “Driver Land Kyosei” test field in Aichi prefecture. Those features include high rotation type compact high-power motor that achieves high off-road performance with both powerful low speed torque and extended acceleration. Motor control technology achieves excellent response and power feeling from extremely low to high speed ranges. The new electric machine comes from Japanese brand’s Evolving R&D program, which allows employees in the department to work outside conventional frameworks and devote up to 5 percent of their working hours developing innovative new concepts. This vehicle is made from carbon fiber monocoque frame. In Motorcycle trial sport, all vehicles are required to have light weight. So, Yamaha especially focuses on weight reduction. The power unit in TY-E is equipped with a mechanical clutch that secures instantaneous power and control, electric motor and optimized flywheel. This exiting ride shows that Electric motorbikes developed by Japan technology are not only environment friendly but also bring new experience to motor sports around the world.

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