Yokohama city held exciting winter event

Updated:3 weeks, 6 days ago IST

Yokohama (Japan), Dec 20 (ANI): Athletes on ice had furious battles in the event of “Crashed on Ice”. Yokohama city, with its population of about 3.5 million people is famous for its sightseeing spots and being Japan's second biggest city. Recently Yokohama was chosen as the match venue for “Red Bull Crashed Ice 2018”, and it is honorably held for the first time ever in Asia. Red Bull Crashed Ice is a world-class winter sport event that gives people thrill and excitement. Rules are simple. The first rider to reach the goal wins the game. The course is up to about 600m. Four riders compete and crash each other, and sometimes the maximum speed reaches about 80km/h. On the track, all kinds of actions, such as pushing, sliding and sprinting, are watched by crowds of spectators. Many people showed up to watch first Asian event and the atmosphere of the venue was gradually heating up. There were also some cultural exchange such as performance of Japan’s traditional sumo wrestling. Yokohama became hosted a lively night with lots of fun. Yokohama, Japan's gateway to the world continues to attract and entertain many people with its beautiful scenery.

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